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Technological research and development
    The Company always takes technological research and development as the source for development. From the development and design of a new storage system to the improvement in a process hole, we equally attach great importance. Our technical team of engineers with professional background in mechanics, machinery and electromechanical integration focuses on every technical detail to make professional evaluation on the design and selection of racks. Currently, it not only has made effective technological innovation and improvements in traditional racks, but also obtained more than 10 technical patents in new R & D projects. Our Technical Support Department will develop the logistics planning and logistics solutions, design and select logistics equipment; the Production Technology Department will break down the process of each order; the Mechanics Calculation Center can carry out mechanical calculations and finite element analysis on rack and rack unit; while the Automation R & D Department is engaged in the R & D and design of high-density (HD) shuttle system and AS / RS rack system.